Greek Film Festival

Better late than never – but this is definitely late – owing to some imaginary mechanical problems with the Troppo chopper Bronnie which was recently recovered from deep within a mine shaft near a golf course in Geelong.

Top Picks

Alex is a handsome Greek Orthodox man in his mid-thirties whose parents want him to marry a good Greek girl. But Alex has fallen in love with Eve, a Lebanese Muslim woman. Like oil and water, the two should never mix-but how can they stop themselves from falling in love?
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Stelios’ dream of running a jazz club is crumbling as Greece’s economic slowdown takes its toll. Owing a fortune to a local standover man-the hulking ‘The Romanian’ who is also feeling the financial pinch-Stelios is on the brink of financial ruin. The Romanian decides it is time to call in what is owed in full. With less than 48 hours to save his club and his family, Stelios has until 04:45 on Wednesday morning to come up with the money.
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A Family Affair documents Greece’s most famous musical clan: the legendary Antonis Xylouris, widely known as ‘Psarantonis’, his son the famous flute player and singer George Xylouris, nicknamed ‘Psarogiorgis’ and his three grandchildren-Nikos, Antonis and Apollonia. In 2012, the family is at a crossroads. George and his wife prepare to part with their 16 year-old daughter as she heads from Crete to Melbourne to finish school and join her brothers. Two months later, they all battle rising anxieties and creative differences when the older generations follow the children to perform for the first time together at Womadelaide and Melbourne’s Forum Theatre.
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A young teacher named Floras arrives on campus at an all girls’ high school in Athens. As he attempts to impose some discipline on his unruly class of wealthy and spoilt teens, a battle of wills ensues. The girls employ a range of tactics to get rid of the new guy. With the warring parties at loggerheads, the most undisciplined of all the girls Lisa, begins to fall head-over-heels in love with her teacher nemesis.
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There was a time when the term ‘Agora’ referred to a meeting place-an assembly for active citizens; the center of political, athletic, artistic and spiritual life. However, in modern day Greece, the term has been co-opted to mean a place for doing commercial business. After 13 years of commenting on global issues, documentarian Yorgos Avgeropoulos returns to his homeland to confront a society in the grip of economic despair. Soup kitchens, unemployment, homelessness and fascism are the only growth industries in the birthplace of democracy. Featuring in-depth interviews with the key policy makers, politicians, financial experts and the people struggling to make sense of a world they no longer recognise, Agora: From Democracy to the Market is a blistering look at today’s Greece-the rage and despair, the rise of the far right and sovereignty under constant threat.
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Times are tough for Sophie’s family. With her father out of work and only Greedy Grumpy Granny’s pension to live off, Sophie comes up with a plan that she hopes will turn around the family’s fortunes. My Stuffed Granny is a short film told lovingly through stop-motion animation.
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A love song and a lullaby to a city losing itself, Volta follows a mother and her daughter as they leave their apartment in downtown Athens and head to the city’s northern suburbs. Here, they find heat, love, loss and ice-cream.
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Zorba,a gruff and gregarious musician befriends an uptight Anglo-Greek writer traveling through Crete to claim a small inheritance and cure his writer’s block. With Zorba tagging along for the ride, the young Englishman’s eyes are opened to the earthy pleasures of Greece in a way that is life changing.
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Melbourne Schedule Table
Date Palace Cinema Como
Wednesday 14 October Alex & Eve (6.30 PM)
Thursday 15 October Riverbanks (7.00 PM)
Family Member (9.15 PM)
Friday 16 October Magic Men (6.45 PM)
Wednesday 04:45 (9.00 PM)
Saturday 17 October Burning From The Inside/Sam Roma: We Are Gypsies (2.30 PM)
A Family Affair (5.00 PM)
Love Struck (7.00 PM)
Amore Mio (9.15 PM)
Sunday 18 October The Island Of Secrets (2.15 PM)
The Slap That Came From Paradise (4.15 PM)
Alex & Eve (6.30 PM)
Alex & Eve (6.50 PM)
Out Of The Blue (9.00 PM)
Monday 19 October Agora: From Democracy To The Market (6.30 PM)
Fan (9.00 PM)
Tuesday 20 October Family Member (7.00 PM)
Norway (9.15 PM)
Wednesday 21 October Madalena (7.00 PM)
Riverbanks (9.00 PM)
Thursday 22 October Lady And The Tramp (2.00 PM)
GASFF Australian Shorts (6.30 PM)
Forever (9.00 PM)
Friday 23 October Wednesday 04:45 (6.30 PM)
Love Struck (9.00 PM)
Saturday 24 October The Fairy And The Man (2.00 PM)
GASFF Australian Documentary Shorts (4.15 PM)
Magic Men (6.45 PM)
Out Of The Blue (9.00 PM)
Sunday 25 October The Island Of Secrets (2.15 PM)
Ace Of Spades (4.15 PM)
Amore Mio (6.30 PM)
Riverbanks (8.30 PM)
Monday 26 October Fan (7.00 PM)
Norway (9.15 PM)
Tuesday 27 October Family Member (6.45 PM)
Forever (9.00 PM)
Wednesday 28 October Ace Of Spades (11.30 AM)
Magic Men (7.00 PM)
GASFF Australian Shorts (9.15 PM)
Thursday 29 October GASFF Australian Shorts (6.30 PM)
Norway (9.00 PM)
Friday 30 October Love Struck (7.00 PM)
Amore Mio (9.15 PM)
Saturday 31 October Agora: From Democracy To The Market (2.00 PM)
Lady And The Tramp (4.30 PM)
Out Of The Blue (7.00 PM)
Wednesday 04:45 (9.00 PM)
Sunday 1 November 5th Greek Student Film Festival (12.30 PM)
The Fairy And The Man (4.30 PM)
Zorba The Greek (6.30 PM)
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