Erwin Fabian: 1915 –

Postscript photo of the event


Fabian 2

Yes folks you read that right. Erwin Fabian who came to Australia on the same prison ship as my Dad is having another exhibition and it’s a special one. He’s turning 100 and the sculptures are a revelation. The most expansive and expressive I’ve seen of his. A few illustrations of the sculptures are above and below the fold.

Perhaps I’ll see you at the opening of the exhibition in Melbourne this coming Thursday 5th Nov. It’s at Australian Galleries, 28 Derby St, Collingwood, Vic, 3066 at 6.00 pm.

PS: Although it was hard to find images of the sculptures on Google or even as stand alone images on the gallery’s relevant webpage I discovered their sumptuously illustrated catalogue is on their website here. A previous exhibition is illustrated here.

Fabian 3    Fabian 1


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8 years ago

The photos look good Nicholas, but it’s hard, to tell without seeing the actual work itself. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the exhibition.

And also good to see a spry looking centenarian with an “appropriate” birthday cake to mark the occasion.

But then one begins to wonder if this isn’t just another variation on the great game of ‘the brows’ – are you guilty of high, middle or low browness ? Can ‘art appreciation’ ever be otherwise ? Can ‘aesthetics’ ever be rational ? (Can economics ?)