Iranian Film Festival

Sorry about this, but I managed to get this content up after the event was over. But thought I’d post it for the record as they say. As you were, as they say in the army.

Top Picks

Goli makes a snap decision to return to her hometown in Iran after living in France for 20 years. She is greeted by Farhad, a man who knows everything there is to know about Goli, but she cannot remember him. Her personal pilgrimage is first met with disdain, but she soon reconnects with her past.
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A textile factory worker struggles to keep his life together after his life is shrouded in controversy by his wife’s death. He is revered by his co-workers and at constant threat from his wife’s brother, seeking retribution for her death.
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A group of six self-proclaimed ‘orphans’ from an online community roam the city of Tehran for a good time. After a prank seemingly goes wrong, they become tangled in blackmail. As they try and come up with the money, the remnants of their troubled pasts surface again.
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‘Melbourne’ recounts the story of a young upstart couple on their way to Melbourne to continue their studies. However, just a few hours before the departure of their flight, they are unintentionally involved in a tragic event where they must deal with the aftermath of their continued deceptions.
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After a rock is thrown through a window, two families become intertwined in a dispute after an incident following an unsuccessful marriage. The couple in question try to hash out what actually went wrong, as the surrounding family members point fingers at one another. Tension builds as all of their other problems seem to bubble to the surface at the same time.
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Melbourne Schedule Table
Date ACMI Cinema 2
Thursday 29 October What’s The Time In Your World? (7.30 PM)
Friday 30 October The Long Farewell (6.00 PM)
Crazy Castle (9.00 PM)
Saturday 31 October
Sunday 1 November
Monday 2 November Melbourne (5.30 PM)
I am Diego Maradona (7.30 PM)
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