Jewish Film Festival Guide to Good Films: better late than never

At least according to our sleuthing, there are lots of films, but only six could reasonably be called Troppolicious, if indeed it is reasonable to call anything Troppolicious

Top Picks

Nat is an old Jewish baker who reluctantly hires Ayyash, a young Muslim refugee from Darfur, to help out his failing bakery. Ayyash, who sells cannabis on the side to help his struggling mother, drops his stash into Nat’s dough. Suddenly, the customers can’t get enough of his challah, and Nat discovers that his dwindling shop has customers lining up around the block. It’s a change of fortune that’s noticed by local business rivals and drug lords alike, none of whom are happy with Nat’s success.
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The Israeli Defense Force operates special undercover units in the West Bank and Gaza. The Mista’arvim blend into the Palestinian population, speaking fluent Arabic and carrying out anti-terror operations. When a notorious Hamas operative re-emerges, Doron comes out of retirement to lead a unit in search of the man he believed to be dead. This tense, gripping show is the biggest Israeli TV series of the year, showing all sides of the conflict from the Israeli soldiers to the Arab civilians caught up in the crossfire.
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The hit TV series that explores the life of an ultra-Orthodox family in Jerusalem returns. The second season of Shtisel centres on father and son, Shulem and Akiva Shtisel, who share the same apartment in ultra-Orthodox Mea Shearim. It features the same cynical humour and the same search for love that made the first season one of Israel’s biggest TV shows.
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Sylvain’s mother is 95 and the doctors have given her only weeks to live. But she’s not giving up easily: an eternal optimist, she refuses to accept the result, and ‘decides’ to hang around for a while longer. Sylvain visits her every day, and she spends those visits imparting her wealth of knowledge and inspirational teachings on life upon her devoted son.
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The one-panel cartoons in the New Yorker magazine are the stuff of legend: hilarious, inspiring and occasionally baffling artworks that reflect and comment on the world we live in. Now, director Leah Wolchok takes us behind the scenes to experience the successes, rejections, and processes of the madcap geniuses-many of whom are Jewish-who create them. An offbeat look at one of journalism’s most enduring institutions.
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In the 1950s, the most popular children’s books in Israel were from the series Children of the World. The books, which remain in print over six decades later, featured heroes and beloved characters who were depicted by actual children in real photographs. But who were these children, and what became of them?
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