The brighter side of the absurd behaviour of our cousins in the Anglosphere


Being a ‘young country’ as we keep congratulating ourselves, we seem free of some of the greater absurdities of the Old World. Then again there’s at least something to be said for them. Having a kind of Monty Python show as your Head of State is a kind of cool way of reminding us all that it is a constitutional monarchy after all – that it needn’t matter. (Yes, I know we share the same monarchy, but our relationship with it is rather more distant than the Brits.)

Then there’s the filibuster in the US. I can’t say it’s a very functional institution, but then I didn’t think there was anything I would ever like about Ted Cruz. But I was wrong. He shines in this filibuster performance which the Committee of Grand Wizards and Lizards here at Troppo has decided to set before you O Troppodillians as Troppo’s contribution to your Weekend.

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