Linkbait and fakebait

Time was (I’m guessing, if it was it didn’t last long) when linkbait had standards. You (I’m obviously still guessing here) took some aspect of something and beat it up a bit. Anyway courtesy of ZergNet (who knew) I just saw this bit of linkbait.

George Michael’s Ex-Wham! Partner Breaks Silence Following Death

Thing is the tweet in question was published on the day after the event about which he was “breaking his silence”. Some silence.

Anyway, this gripe isn’t worth more than a tweet, but it took more than 140 characters to explain. So while I’m here I may as well add my plan to save the world from this kind of thing – or save it a little bit. Perhaps this already exists. Anyway you could have a plugin to your browser which is like an ad blocker on which you can occasionally indicate that you’re really unhappy with some bit of linkbait and then program your plugin to block further linkbait from the same source.

Oh and I know there are technical issues because the links to other stories are sometimes served differently to ads. But this post started as a tweet so all difficulties with my proposal are left for the reader to solve as an exercise.


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