Crikey: now is the time …

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Exactly why George Pell’s face should come up on Googling “Crikey” is anyone’s guess, but I for one would like people to stop being mean to him. After all, he didn’t ask to travel First Class representing the world’s religion of poverty. Well he probably did, but I’m not speaking literally here. Please try to read my words with more understanding.

For those wishing to participate in the group Crikey subscription, please email me on ngruen AT gmail with “Crikey” in the subject heading and after a week or so I’ll send the details onto Cricky and they’ll be in touch.

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John R Walker
John R Walker
4 years ago

Strange thing these Google search algorithm ‘results ‘ ,most of the other images are of Steve Erwin (and or crocodiles ). And then about two thirds of the way down the page there is a single image, Cardinal Pell. Wonder how that came to pass ?