Do Women Ask? (Hint: yes)

Do Women Ask?

Benjamin Artz, Amanda H. Goodall, and Andrew J. Oswald, September 2016

Abstract: Women typically earn less than men. The reasons are not fully understood. Previous studies argue that this may be because (i) women ‘don’t ask’ and (ii) the reason they fail to ask is out of concern for the quality of their relationships at work. This account is difficult to assess with standard labor-economics data sets. Hence we examine direct survey evidence. Using matched employer-employee data from 2013-14, the paper finds that the women-don’t-ask account is incorrect. Once an hours-of-work variable is included in ‘asking’ equations, hypotheses (i) and (ii) can be rejected. Women do ask. However, women do not get.

I’ve not read the paper but Andrew Oswald is a fine scholar and won’t waste your time if you’re interested in the subject.

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