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Atlantic tells the story of three fishing communities in Ireland, Canada and Norway who battle big business to maintain their traditional ways of life.
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‘Mad’ Mary McArdle needs to find a date for her best friend’s wedding. But her attempts to find a partner are a disaster… until she meets Jess and everything changes. A tough and tender love story about friendship, first love and staying sane in small town Ireland.
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Larry and Sophie, two young people with learning disabilities, long to be together in a world that does everything to keep them apart. A sly sojourn in a Galway hotel provides the young couple with some amorous opportunities.
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Trying to save his struggling mattress business, Dubliner Michael Flynn reinvents himself as the eccentric online persona ‘Mattress Mick’, under the guidance of his friend Paul Kelly. As business begins to grow, their friendship starts to implode.
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The compelling story of a woman who has lost her son and develops an unorthodox relationship with a homeless youth. Their tentative trust is threatened by his involvement with a violent gang and the escalation of her ex-husband’s grieving rage.
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In the spring of 1981, Irish Republican Bobby Sands’ 66-day hunger strike brought the attention of the world to his cause. This documentary powerfully expands on the personal story of Bobby Sands using archive footage, interviews, reconstructions and excerpts from Sands’ own evocative prison diary.
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Best friends Conor and Jock, two inner-city Cork teenagers, steal bikes and head out to West Cork in search of a missing bale of cocaine worth €7million. Sporting similar track-suits and matching bum-fluff moustaches, the intrepid heroes are pursued by both police and rival bungling crims on their rip-roaring escapade.
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Twice Shy is a modern coming-of age-drama, that centres around a young couple who set off on a road trip from Ireland to London as the result of an unplanned pregnancy.
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