Vale John Clark

John Clark died yesterday,   a very sad day, he will be greatly missed RIP.

This is my all time favorite piece of satire.  Am sure that  troppo can come up with more.

About john Walker

John R Walker Is a professionally practising artist who has exhibited regularly, nationally and internationally, for more than 30 years. His work is held in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia, most state and regional gallery collections and in private and corporate collections in Australia, Britain and the USA. John R Walker is represented by Utopia Art Sydney. For more information visit
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Moz of Yarramulla
Moz of Yarramulla
7 years ago

Still an all-time classic. The best are the youtube commentators who think he’s a real government minister.

I have considerable affection for the gumboot song:

John R Walker
7 years ago

Yes .
Then there is Farnarkling , he was amazingly inventive and even more amazingly, consistently of ‘ top draw’ quality.

Nicholas Gruen
7 years ago

This was extraordinary, terrible news. So unexpected. The antipodean poet laureate of bullshit.

I would have loved to have met him, but never did. I had Clarke booked for the next twenty odd years each week with Brian Dawe. Alas it won’t be so.

Douglas Hynd
Douglas Hynd
7 years ago

His recent account of the energy market suggests that he was not falling off the pace – The Games was a classic that rewards rewatching even now