Weekend competition: Yes folks it’s on again

Troppo is getting ready for the singularity. That’s the period during which Ken, Don, David and I put our feet up and Troppo just runs itself with KenBot, DonBot, DavidBot and MeBot doing all the work. Commenters put their feet up too and just pig out on scones, cream and zero calorie jam. Conrad gets his comments accepted by the system without going automatically into moderation for no apparent reason and things just get better and better until they are #AsGoodAsTheyCanGet. This is the well known pre-singularity phase after which the good vibe cannot escape and we are all sucked into the Singularity.

Anyway, we’re not sitting around here, we’re not afraid of the future. In fact, to coin a phrase, we’re embracing it. Why just today I embraced Jess the Jestar Robot as you can see from the screen shot to your right. So this weekend, by order of the Troppo collective (it was mainly me – the others sent alpha distributions of their bots) we’re hosting a competition for the best conversations with robots. Just head down to some bot and have a conversation of literary merit exceeding my own with Jess and all the other contestants (imaginary bots are OK) and the (imaginary) prize is yours.

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