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Trailer Icon 03 Subdued (Opening Night)
Mina, recently divorced from her husband, struggles to maintain an independent life with no supportive family. She eventually finds a job in a restaurant. A friendship between her and the manager gradually becomes something more. It’s the beginning of a tumultuous emotional journey for Mina.
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Shahab, Nahal, Hamed, Faramarz, and Nicki have patented an invention and are trying to immigrate to Europe. Three days before their departure, Hamed falls into a coma and requires an organ transplant. The crisis elicits very different ethical responses from each of the others, revealing their true selves.
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Reza and Leila are newly married and deeply in love. When they discover that Leila is unable to conceive, Reza’s mother convinces her daughter-in-law that Reza must take a second wife to produce a child. Heartbreak follows.
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☆☆☆☆☆ The Film Sufi

The 15 minutes film features a “football” in the main lead. The philosophical and thematic meanings can be derived by the viewer with their own instinct.
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The widowed Mahi loses her only son. Behrooz, her teenage sweetheart, who had left Iran following the scandal of his relationship with her, appears at the funeral. The relationship shows signs of resuming but Behrooz now has a much younger fiancé. On the horns of these emotional entanglements the three characters have to make decisions not only about their emotions, but also their future lives.
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Young Bahareh lives in Yazd with her father and her grandmother. It’s turbulent times in the real world – first the Iranian Revolution and then the long and bitter Iran-Iraq war. But Bahareh always has her head in a book and retreats into her own dreams and fantasies to try to make sense of the world around her.
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Bahar and Parisa are out shopping for their friend’s wedding when they receive a call from a stranger – the bride is dead and the wedding has been cancelled. They contact her fiancé, but he is vague and seems to know nothing. Suspicious, they are determined to uncover the truth.
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