It’s on again on 6th Sept: making the world a tad better with our guest Christos Tsiolkas

If only I’d been alive to get to one of these events.

Nelson Mandela

Last year’s second dinner was perhaps only matched by Lincoln’s Second Inaugural.

Nicholas Gruen

Lying Nick Gruen is a total lightweight. TOTALLY FAKE ECONOMIST. Begged me to let him clean the ashtrays on The Apprentice. Small hands. Todd Sampson only thing to come out of his TV show. Sad!

Donald Trump

As you may recall, last year I had so much fun at my birthday, I decided to make it an annual event. To disguise the naked egotism of it we (which is to say “I”) decided to raise money for a Good Cause. For me that’s refugees. We ran a kind of trial just two months after my birthday last year and it was a blast.

Now, many months after not getting my act together for my birthday, we’re going again. So you’re invited to a fantastic party in Melbourne with a whole lot of fantastically interesting people I know. (Seriously, there’ll be some fascinating people there I promise!)

It will mostly be dinner and meeting and talking to friends and interesting people you’ve not met before, but Christos Tsiolkas is coming and has agreed to speak to us. We’re inviting you to pay your way with $49.99 as was the case last year) I contemplated raising the price to $50 but then the credit card margin (which you get to pay) also went up by a cent. And effective marginal tax rates of 100% are not something that is tolerated in my profession! So Book Now for 7.00 pm on Thursday Sept 6th at Tazios on this link.

I’m also hoping you can donate and will match every dollar of yours over $100 up to a total liability of $5,000 for me. (Last year Ross Gittins decided to play hard-ball and try to bankrupt me with a thousand dollar donation which took $900 out of my pocket right there! Bring it on I say! We can always auction off the Troppo garage of imaginary cars, – starting, obviously enough, with Rooter.)

And there’s a special deal for those from out of town. They can make a donation as Ross did from interstate or overseas. Just email me on ngruen at gmail and I’ll send you details. And please pass this around.

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paul frijters
paul frijters
5 years ago

I can see an arbitrage opportunity here. Can you forward me the contact details of the refugee organisation so we can both fleece you for AUS 2,499.49?

Admittedly, I should play hard-ball and demand more than 50% of the loot, but hej, whoever said economists are all selfish rational b*stards?

I was going to come until I realised you’ve needlessly offended Trump. Now I’m off with Rooter to go complain outside of Google Headquarters against the biased news I get when I type ScoMo Nauru.