Konstantin Kisin is a comedian who was born in Russia and emigrated to Britain with his family when he was twelve. And he’s a friend of mine whom I met at the inimitable Kilkenomics. Like most comedians he’s a thoughtful guy. He’s much preoccupied with political correctness and he and a fellow comedian have worked up a regular podcast which they tell me will earn them a good income in the not too distant future – via Patreon. Which is great.

In any event, Konstantin invited me onto the program and we speak about economics and democracy – unified by the single theme that economics (like most social sciences) is too preoccupied with ideological and thematic signalling – left/right, free market/intervention – in just the way in which politics is marred by the same thing, recently weaponised as political correctnesses of various kinds.

You might like to check out the podcast more generally. Here it is at iTunes and here’s another general podcast site.

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