The Public Goods of the 21st Century

For those of you in Melbourne, I thought I’d let you know of a public lecture I’m giving on Thursday night this coming week details below. If you’d like to come, make your free reservation on this page.

Thought Leadership Series Lecture | The Public Goods of the 21st Century

Date: Thursday 21 February 2019
Time: 5.30pm – 7pm
Venue: Engineers Australia Level 30, 600 Bourke St, Melbourne –>
Cost: Free. Enrol here

At elite and popular levels, we think markets provide private goods competitively and governments provide public goods like streets and street lights collectively. But, as the eighteenth-century founder of modern economics Adam Smith understood, the real story is much richer. Any social artefact of any sophistication from a conversation to a smart phone to a city is an ecology of competitive and collaborative elements at numerous levels within the system.

This lecture will explore the landscape of the private and the shared in the 21st century. Digital collaboration is burgeoning as with open source software whilst in the ‘analogue’ world, the public good of our social fabric is coming under immense pressure. The lecture will seek new ways of understanding these things to help build the world we want.

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