A lament for the corona panic victims.

Spare a tear for millions of poor people around the world. They will no longer have good jobs, good health, or long life.

Weep for the poor, the sick, and the old in our own societies. Their hopes, dignity, and pensions are gone.

Light a candle for the workers in hotels, bars, tourist resorts, airlines, and elsewhere. Their jobs are gone.

Cry for the lonely whom we have just created and abandoned. They now face fines and ridicule for seeking human connection.

Feel one with the athletes and their helpers. Their dreams are destroyed.

Say sorry to the billions we didn’t have the courage to protect from our fears.

Ask forgiveness of freedom, privacy, and joy. We orphaned them.

Forgive the doom-sayers, the bullies, and the health advisers. They know not what they have done.

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  1. paul frijters says:

    I tried to get all my grieving at the coming madness and needless destruction over with in March, but when one reads of some of the things that are now done, it still hurts even in December.

    For instance, take the following story in the UK of what can only be described as state-organised child abuse on a wide scale:

    “Mandatory mass testing in schools. …. Allowing these poor kids to freeze in classrooms and forbidding them to wear coats because the windows must always be open to let the vile, green miasma of Covid waft out. Stopping children from seeing friends and forging valuable social skills. Forcing them to wear dirty rags over their faces. Placing them in front of a screen all day and pretending it’s a substitute for a real rich and varied educational and social life. ”

    Or Belgium, which has been in near continuous lockdown mode since March and still has the world’s highest claimed covid death toll of any country:
    “Spare a thought for the Belgians. Four people maximum at Christmas but only in the garden. And only if you don’t have to pass through the house to get to the garden. Among the guests in the garden only one is allowed to enter the house to use the loo. What happens if the others need to go? They have to return home. Or squat among the trees like Rex the dog. ”

    And then of course the Big Stuff, like the mass hunger, the neglect of mental health, or the attack on civil rights. As Time magazine reported, 80 countries have been said by Freedom House (who has monitored such things for years) to have had serious reductions in their level of democracy, with a whopping 72 restricting free speech and criticism of the government. There is a lot to lament.

    The list goes on and on.

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