Introducing a new author at ClubTroppo – Antonios Sarhanis

Some of you may have noticed a Twitter account called ‘Sarhanis‘. In any event, Antonios Sarhanis is its proprietor and we got to talking on Twitter and discovered that we shared various maladies. He’s interested in philosophy but pretty unimpressed with the way it’s handled at universities. His heritage is Greek, while mine isn’t – though my wife’s is. We arranged to meet for coffee which we’ve done a few times. He usually comes in his toga but sometimes in a barrel.

He barracks for Richmond (unlike me) but has grown a COVID beard (like me) though much more successfully. Indeed beards like his have not been seen since the great Ned Kelly lockdown of 1880 or thereabouts, not to mention the John Quiggin beard hoax which occurred years later.

I think Antonios (which is what he calls himself whenever he needs to distract attention from the barrel) is hoping to pick up one of our prizes for best posts – like Rooter – though the last person to drive rooter wearing a toga got it caught in the camshaft and had a very awkward interface with the mind/body problem (the body part of the problem proved the main sticking point). So, should any of this come to pass, I’ll be recommending he wear the barrel.

More concretely Antonios informs me that he is currently the CEO of the Australian research and development arm of Adnuntius, a global advertising technology platform. Antonios also has a strong interest in philosophy and linguistics that is coupled with a disinterested political predisposition that has him at home at Club Troppo. His first post is here.

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Tony Tea
Tony Tea
3 years ago

“AS” to those in the know.

2 years ago

Hi AS, Concerned about trippers site…what’s happening?