Introducing! The podcast reader

I thought you’d like to know of a venture I’m on the board of which is a global monthly magazine being published out of Melbourne dedicated to publishing the best podcast interviews of the month as a printed magazine for sitting back and enjoying though it’s also being distributed as a digital magazine.

You can download our first edition from this link.

Please enjoy and feel free to let others know of its existence! The website is here.

If you’re particularly keen and think there’s a fair chance you might subscribe and/or you’d like to show the magazine to others, please email me your physical address and I’ll see what I can get you.

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Chris Lloyd
Chris Lloyd
2 years ago

How does this work Nick? It must be very expensive to convert a podcast into readable prose. I actually do not have a preference for print over audio myself so I doubt I would subscribe.

Cameron Reilly
Cameron Reilly
2 years ago

I didn’t realise this was a local production. Interesting development. Hope it goes well.