Club Troppo Is On The (Hiccoughing) Move

Huge thanks to the long suffering Jacques for all his work on Troppo over the decades. And thanks now to Antonios who’s managed to transfer Troppo to a new internet host and massively improve the speed of the site and the functionality of our plugins.

Troppo has now officially been moved and its performance upgraded!


We’re currently moving Club Troppo from one server to another and you might be experiencing an interruption to ordinary services.

At the time of writing, you’re probably seeing security warnings, which is a temporary problem and not something to be alarmed about. We’re bringing things back online and playing whack-a-mole with all of the little things that need to get done.

Rest assured, Club Troppo will be back in full once all those moles get whacked!

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2 years ago

Successful transfer !

The speed of loading and refreshing the pages here has increased enormously almost without loss or confusion.

The only “glitch” I’ve found is that the site now confuses the tick boxes of saving name/address with notification of follow-up.

Overall, 8.5/10.

Nicholas Gruen
2 years ago

I fixed up what I thought was an issue unrelated to this website’s performance, and then all of sudden, boom!

You and Alexander Fleming!

Nicholas Gruen
2 years ago

Huge thanks also to Jacques Chester who’s been our Webmeister from the get-go.

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