Some podcasting for democracy

Hi All. Just to let you know of a podcast I did with Jim O’Shaugnessey’s program “Infinite loops”. You can download it from this link. I’ve also done another one with Bernard Keane (who was an excellent discussant). I’ll also post it when it’s released in the New Year.

You can download a transcript from this link (pdf).

And I’ve just been sent the unedited video


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2 years ago

Sortition ?
Where is the accountability, please ? The sortitioned make a mess, they just walk away since they won’t be sortitioned again anyway.
And who chooses those who choose the allowable parameters for inclusion in the sortition lottery ?
Since such sortitioned people will have no detailed knowledge of most situations, bureaucrats and advisers hold sway. This is why the left prefer sortition to participation by choice. None of that messy campaigning, with the hoi polloi asking impertinent questions and demanding policy details.
Corruption occurs with any system – it is an unavoidable outcome of power.

2 years ago

ng has taken to censoring comment he doesn’t like.
Surprise !!
I’d taken a bet with a colleague as to how many “contrary” comments, irrespective of accuracy, before ng would blow.
I lost because I’d anticipated a lesser number by about 10%.
One cannot expect the left to debate in public – it can be so demeaning for them.