I have seen the off-ramp and it works

From my Substack newsletter.

Extraordinary images are being detected within the early pictures taken by the James Webb Space Telescope. As you know, the JWST went in search of exoplanets. Anyway at about the same time I was seeking an AI artist to illustrate the phenomenon of corporate anti-thinking. You know the kind of thing where grown people, some of them quite intelligent sit around and agree on their ‘mission’ and ‘vision’ — each of which can be agreed in an hour’s discussion and expressed in a single short sentence. They then agree on their five favourite values.

Anyway, on applying advanced upscaling technologies NASA scientists are decrypting within JWST images off-ramps from reality on our galaxy’s exoplanets.

Even more exciting, when the castle is upscaled it turns out it’s really a jumping castle.

It’s believed that executives are floating weightless inside the castle, but NASA scientists were reluctant to preempt the results of a probe which is believed to be imminent.

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