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Chess before the Theory of Moral Sentiments

Black to play C Lolli vs D Ercole Del Rio 18. …? See game for solution. about our puzzles OK, so it’s not hard to work out the answer, but it’s cute, and it happened in Modena in 1755. Before Adam … Continue reading

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The Theory of Moral Sentiments: Happy 250th birthday

Herewith my column in today’s SMH, replacing Ross Gittins as you eat your Weeties. Thanks as ever to James Farrell for reading an earlier draft and making suggestions – something he does and I fail to acknolwedge on many columns. … Continue reading

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Ought Anchored to Is: Morality As A Spontaneous Order

It’s a supreme finding of Hume’s clever reasoning that ought cannot be derived from is. The claim is so irrefutable that it has become a truism that acts as a bulwark against proponents of the status quo. But like a … Continue reading

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The theory of deceptive sentiments

The latest psychology bestseller The Folly of Fools is on the triumph of deceit. It looks quite interesting. Anyway, it looked a bit too focused on the bestseller formula – which is often the book of the article formula for me … Continue reading

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The theory of developer’s sentiments

Yikes?  The last house that Adam Smith lived in – at Canongate – is up for sale.  And the local council may let it go to developers.  Oh cruel irony of ironies, the ultimate Adam Smith problem – a council … Continue reading

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Are conservatives more morally balanced?

Only marginally related to the post, but a great image just the same – from turtblu on Flickr Readers with prodigious memories may recall a post I wrote a couple of years ago about the work of psychologist Jonathan Haidt on the cognitive … Continue reading

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The Theory of Primate Sentiments: Part Three

Here is the last post on primate sentiments – and as I said at the end of the last post, it’s really a postscript. It doesn’t further develop the points made in the last two posts, but tidies up some … Continue reading

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