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Review: Drift into Failure

While having lunch with Ken Parish last week, I chatted a bit about a very long book review I wrote a few weeks ago, published on my personal blog. He asked me to cross-post it to Troppo. Enjoy. Drift into … Continue reading

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Planned Outage Tonight

Hello everyone, it’s your friendly Ozblogistan Tyrant here. I plan to migrate our servers to a different data centre tonight. There will be some disruption during the move, and it may take time for your DNS records to be updated. … Continue reading

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Comment subscriptions

As some of you know, we’ve had a hit-and-miss experience with comment subscription plugins. The plugin we were previously using broke when we upgraded to 3.2.1 and made it impossible to unsubscribe. We’ve switched to another plugin which requires “double … Continue reading

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Planned outage this Sunday

Hello all, your friendly Ozblogistan tyrant here. To perform some important maintenance on the site, it will be necessary to deactivate all Ozblogistan blogs temporarily on Sunday afternoon. I am expecting to take the site down around 2pm, central standard … Continue reading

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Ozblogistan will grow larger

For some time now I, your friendly Ozblogistan Tyrant, have been considering expanding the Ozblogistan family. For my thesis research I require a larger pool of blogs under management. To that end, I have opened up a second server for … Continue reading

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Face palm (now with added crow-eating)

Quoth (someone apparently imitating) Bronwyn Bishop: Mr Assange should be aggressively interrogated until he reveals the location of the stolen cables, so they can be retrieved. This is wrong on at least two levels. Given Australia’s record in matching MPs … Continue reading

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Larvatus Prodeo is down temporarily

Hello all, your friendly Ozblogistan tyrant here. LP’s domain name has expired. Consequently it is no longer possible to navigate directly to I have reactivated in the meantime while the domain issues are sorted out. Update: normal service … Continue reading

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