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The Voice For John Stuart Mill

The biggest winner from the referendum on the weekend is John Stuart Mill.  There’s a strand of left-wing orthodoxy these days that deprecates free speech and brands opposing viewpoints as dangerous wrongthink. This firebrand mode of thinking is excellent at … Continue reading

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The Fertility Rate: the Best Dam(n) Wellbeing Index Going Around?

Valiant attempts have been made to measure happiness and wellbeing. People much smarter than me have developed fancy indices, and people even smarter than that, such as our own Nicholas Gruen, has called bullshit on many of them. What I … Continue reading

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Labor Undermining Labour?

I’m a Labor voter and I’ll do as I’ve always done at the upcoming election by voting Labor again. Nonetheless… I think there are at least three Labor Party policy pillars that made sense once upon a time but now … Continue reading

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Club Troppo Is On The (Hiccoughing) Move

Huge thanks to the long suffering Jacques for all his work on Troppo over the decades. And thanks now to Antonios who’s managed to transfer Troppo to a new internet host and massively improve the speed of the site and … Continue reading

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The COVID-Induced Experiment on Interest Rates and House Prices: Is Cameron Murray As Right As You Can Be?

We’ve just had an economic experiment of epic proportions and there’s really only one conclusion: on house prices, Cameron Murray is as correct as anybody can be about a contested economic issue. Cameron Murray is an all-round interesting thinker whose … Continue reading

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Ought Anchored to Is: Morality As A Spontaneous Order

It’s a supreme finding of Hume’s clever reasoning that ought cannot be derived from is. The claim is so irrefutable that it has become a truism that acts as a bulwark against proponents of the status quo. But like a … Continue reading

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The Jester As King

Welcome to Antonios Sarhani’s first post. I’ve got a brief post welcoming him aboard immediately above this post. Nicholas Gruen The ceremony and the circumlocutions of the kingly court is cut by the jester. As long as the jester commands … Continue reading

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