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To the poorhouse. Go!

I began reading newspapers – well one newspaper, The Weekend Australian about a month ago. The world is just as interesting now as it was when I stopped thinking around 1998. (Really it is, I’m loving it.) To my joy … Continue reading

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Yet another angle on Iraq

I can tell a kind of story that no-one else can tell. Because I can move around I get to see the true nature of it …. like…..I was at a musician friend’s house and 3 doors away – they … Continue reading

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Warm and Fuzzy

Feeling Warm and Fuzzy “Bang” “No!” “bang” “Stop” “bangbang” I roll up, curl up and laugh – with relief – because she did stop – and we are in a state of grace You see her ability to torment can … Continue reading

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Prismatic personas

In an October 1999 article in the New Statesman, published before the new generation of Web logs, Andrew Brown described the anarchic nature of blogs as “the disorganized record of the voyagings of an intelligent mind,” somewhat resembling “the captain’s … Continue reading

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Let me tell you about my Mr Parish. The one you have here in what you call the blogosphere is stunningly sane. Mr Parish has hit hard times and is so tired of reading his own posts, he is not … Continue reading

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