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The new income stagnation?

The latest National Accounts release confirms the lack of growth in Australian household incomes. Is this the start of a new era of stagnant incomes?  In recent years GDP has continued to increase (save for a small drop at the … Continue reading

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Where else would they come from?

Minister Dutton says that 2/3 of people recently charged with terrorism in Australia have Lebanese Muslim backgrounds. However, the first rule when considering dramatic statistics should be to think “compared to what”. In this case, where else might we expect … Continue reading

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Old age poverty in Australia?

The SMH points to a recent OECD report, claiming that over one-third of Australian pensioners live in poverty – with this being the second-highest rate in the OECD. Are we really that exceptional? No, we are not. Unfortunately, this is … Continue reading

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Housing bubbles…

Joe Hockey has received a lot of flack after his ‘thought bubble’ that first home buyers could be permitted to withdraw from their superannuation accounts to fund their home purchase. From the housing perspective, many have warned that faced with … Continue reading

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Saving the young from superannuation

Of the many policy debates in Federal Parliament in 2011, one which gathered support from both major parties was the proposal to lift the superannuation guarantee employer contribution from 9 to 12 per cent.  Not surprisingly, this was wholeheartedly endorsed … Continue reading

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Your Carbon Tax at Work

I recently decided to install an air conditioner in my study. Naturally, caring about the environment (but not enough to forego my comfort) I chose the most energy efficient model on the market (the only 6 star split system).1 Got … Continue reading

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Tax talk-fests and the importance of being dismal

Why is tax reform so hard? Reviews such as the Henry Review often point to ‘low-hanging fruit’ where efficiency gains can be made without any significant equity costs. One oft-noted example is property stamp duty, where the Henry Review recommended … Continue reading

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