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Journalistic Meta-Commentary

The Sydney Morning Herald’s article on the Sea-Eagles trying to sign Willie Mason has fallen to cost cutting journalism and now the server just returns a meta-comment which saves on journalist labor the and reader’s precious time: Forbidden You don’t … Continue reading

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Trashing the 37c Tax Bracket

I seem to be the only one, that I have seen anyway, in the Australian blogosphere who is excited about the 37c tax bracket going the way of the dodo in Labor’s tax policy announcement. Peter Martin even suggested it … Continue reading

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I Won’t Be Voting on November 24th

Not because I don’t want to, but because I can’t. I have been purged from the electoral roll. Like many Australian Diasporans I am in the curious position of being completely disenfranchised. My home country has kicked me off the … Continue reading

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Election Media Consumption

The AES has an interesting graph which shows trending on how people consumed political information during elections. Unfortunately the trend ends at 2004, however, the internet was already rivaling talkback radio, newspapers and radio for media consumption patterns. I am … Continue reading

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Union Power Polling and Electoral Campaigns

Via Gary Sauer-Thompson: The Australian Electoral Study’s Trends in Australian Political Opinion 1 is a goldmine of graphs, polling and trending all thoughtfully gathered into the one document. Especially for graph junkies. It is also interesting to see where the … Continue reading

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Graham Young and the Liberal Party

Like many of you I saw this on facebook: Graham Young is fighting attempts to expel him from the Liberal Party this Sunday. This is Graham’s article on Ambit Gambit from July describing the situation and why the party is … Continue reading

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Holden Efijay Production?

I remember as a young bloke reading an ad for a Holden FJ that was nearby for $3,000. I rang the seller and then jumped in the car to look at it. Unfortunately even back then three grand only bought … Continue reading

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