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Graphunday – House of Representatives Pie Chart

Bryan Palmer writes: This gives an average of 58.25 for Labor and 41.75 per cent for the Coalition. Plug these numbers into the election calculator and see what you get. A pie chart of the “see what you get” with … Continue reading

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Ute Goes El Camino

There is speculation building that Holden is gearing up to full production in order to export the Ute to the United States. Holden Ute – Pontiac G8 Ute photochop by Aych Es Vee The traditional Ute platform in the US … Continue reading

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Engineering in Economic Globalisation

Where The Engineers Are looks at engineering in the United States, India and China under globalisation and the role economics, commerce and education have in the development of engineers. The paper discovered that the US and India were pumping out … Continue reading

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Confused Constitutionalism

The American innovation on English Constitutionalism was that there is fundamental law – expressed in the constitution – that cannot be ignored by the executive and cannot be statutorily pasted over by the legislative. The Americans called them natural rights … Continue reading

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Graphaturday – Economic Indicators

The Parliamentary Library released a research paper which divides numerous economic trends up by Governments from Whitlam to Howard. It turns out party hats don’t work so well in analysing these trends. This is an interesting graph with a nice … Continue reading

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Graphaturday – Regional populations

With the national government digging its selective anti-federalist paws into the Tasmanian health system it might be a good time to look at the nationalist (as opposed to federalist) structure of government. This usually takes the form of state abolition; … Continue reading

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Andrew Bartlett’s Speech on the Migration Amendment in 2005

This is Andrew Bartlett’s speech in the Senate upon the second reading of the Migration Amendment (Detention Arrangements) 2005 bill. The amendment itself is littered with the appearance of oversight and consistent process but none of it is compellable and … Continue reading

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