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Westralia Free

Those crazy westralians. Telling us t’othersiders we would starve without them. Plains of our pastures boundless, Seas of our rainbow’d pearl, Destiny is your breezes Liberty’s flag unfurl! That they supported the eastern car manufacturing with tariffs on coal and … Continue reading

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Distribution of Indigenous Population

That graph is from the 2001 census. One of the problems in Australian politics is that everything is viewed from the national level. From Imagining Australia: If our Indigenous people comprised one tenth rather than one fiftieth of the population … Continue reading

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If States Were Nations

California contributes approximately 14% of of the US GDP. If it were a nation its economy would rank just behind China’s and Italy’s for size. New South Wales contributes 33.1% of Australian GDP. Victoria is next with 24.2%, Queensland with … Continue reading

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Foreign Policy Doctrine and the Oil ‘Gotcha’ Moment

There has been a media and blogger gotcha moment when Nelson mentioned that armed intervention in Iraq was related to securing energy supplies. We know that the Carter Doctrine from 1980 stated clearly that the US would use military might … Continue reading

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Positive Interstate Migration (or the lack of)

The graph is from the ABS’ population statistics from June 2006. Queensland and Tasmania are the only ones that people are migrating too on a positive basis and Tasmania barely so. The migration to Queensland is mainly Novacumbrians where 289,000 … Continue reading

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Four Wheel MLP

Holden reports a 120 million loss. Ouch: Despite the Commodore maintaining its position as the number one selling vehicle down under in 2006, total revenues were down 7.8% over the period, which meant that Holden ended up with a substantial … Continue reading

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Senators Acting Like, Well, Senators

The Australian Democrats, when faced with an argument in a Senate debate, which they think has merit, they decide to support it 1. Senator Bartlett (Queensland) (6.46 p.m.) – I thought I should make a few short comments to indicate … Continue reading

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