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David Walker runs publishing consultancy Shorewalker DMS ( and is an editor and writer for hire. David has previously edited Acuity magazine and the award-winning INTHEBLACK business magazine, been chief operating officer of online publisher WorkDay Media, held policy and communications roles at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia and the Business Council of Australia and run the website for online finance start-up eChoice. He has written on economics, business and public policy from Melbourne, Adelaide and the Canberra Press Gallery.

Against decentralising: why crowded is good

Note: This post was original published on 6 July 2015; I’ve updated it several times because both parties keep revisiting a decentralisation agenda. Once again we’re hearing the argument that Australia would be a much better place if only we could … Continue reading

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COVID-19: The path back (with updates)

Note: Article expanded on 24 April and again on 27 April. The middle now has more meat. So you can read it again! As Paul Frijters has recently said on this site, many countries will soon ease their restrictions on … Continue reading

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Defending the economy from coronavirus: the answer is “business lending”, not “stimulus”

Here’s a potentially unpopular proposition: The bulk of government economic action over the next few months should be directed to keeping businesses alive. Specifically, we need to keep afloat the many businesses with coronavirus-related short-term cash-flow problems. The correct lever … Continue reading

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Royal Commission guns for those who are “able but not willing”

The Financial Services Royal Commission is in theory a general inquiry into the financial system. In practice, however, something else is on trial: Australian regulatory systems. As I set out in my latest column for The CEO Magazine, many of … Continue reading

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Why it’s worth stomping on Universal Basic Income

In my latest column for The CEO Magazine I take aim at the idea of universal basic income (UBI). The column uses the insights of the always terrific Peter Whiteford, of the ANU’s Crawford School, and Troppo’s own Don Arthur, … Continue reading

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Against Lakoff’s hate speech argument

There seem to be more and more claims that “hate speech” should not be entitled to the normal privileges of free speech. To my surprise, one of them is George Lakoff – famed cognitive scientist, philosopher and metaphor expert. Here’s the admirably … Continue reading

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APRA’s new psychology team takes regulation to the next level

My latest column for The CEO Magazine looks at the bank regulator’s latest enthusiasm: changing banks’ cultures. APRA is now doing what the Dutch have done for several years now: bring in a team of organisational psychologists to work out what … Continue reading

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