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American Rust

I sometimes like to try to get the feel of the prosperity of a US era from films and TV shows made at the time and about that time. Not the fantasy stuff, or things for kids generally or horror, … Continue reading

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Should CityRail Depart IPART?

IPART is the independent economic regulator for NSW. It oversees regulation and conducts pricing reviews in industries such as electricity, gas, water,taxis and public transport. IPART recently completed a review of pricing for RailCorps rail pricing provided under the CityRail … Continue reading

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Economics – FAIL

Time for a bit of economic navel gazing. What does the global financial crisis mean for the state of economics in the early part of the twenty first century? Pass? Conceded Pass? Fail? Well at the end of 2008, for … Continue reading

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How to not drive over cliffs

Henry Blodget was a Merrill Lynch tech analyst during the tech bubble. A bubble he rode to fame and then to a Spitzer investigation and oblivion. In this piece in the Atlantic he gives a great analysis of what he … Continue reading

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The Rise of Trickle-Up?

The one thing most people now agree on is that this global financial crisis is exactly that, that it is a crisis. It is very serious, historically significant in its size, global in its reach and at a time when … Continue reading

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