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A student’s lament

The twitterverse erupted in response to this story in yesterday’s papers about a student suing her former school Geelong Grammar for compensation, saying that it provided inadequate support to enable her to do sufficiently well on her final exams to … Continue reading

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A debtor’s morality

After I posted a comment on Ken’s recent post about swimmer Nick D’Arcy and his decision to file a debtor’s petition in bankruptcy, he graciously invited me to contribute a post if I am insistent on disagreeing with his take. … Continue reading

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James Hardie – legal responsibility and corporate morality

I have been observing with interest the latest news that ASIC has commenced action against the directors of James Hardie Industries for breaches of the Corporations Act between 2001 and 2003. Now you may recall that in a blaze of … Continue reading

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Jihad Jack and the rule of law

Peter Faris today expands his defence of the anti-terrorism laws under which Jack Thomas has been subjected to a control order.   He frames this analysis as a reasoned legal one: Two issues arise. First, is the control-order legislation good … Continue reading

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Of laws and populism

Yesterday’s Crikey mail included a comment by Michael Pascoe about the seemingly endless stories about corporate shonks being able to retain profits from their dodgy dealings.   He writes: One should always be wary of suggesting another legal penalty to … Continue reading

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Long time reader, first time poster.   Ken has kindly invited me to join the exalted ranks of posters at Club Troppo, so I thought I might briefly say hi and introduce myself.   Floating in a google cache somewhere … Continue reading

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