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Contraception and the ‘underclass’ debate: from Keith Joseph to Gary Johns

When The Australian published Gary Johns’ opinion piece ‘No contraception, no dole‘ nobody should have been surprised by what happened next. On 7’s Sunrise program commentators described Johns’ proposal as "off the planet" and "outrageous and backwards" while One Nation … Continue reading

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Bankers reject Forrest’s cashless welfare proposal

In a submission to the Forrest Review of Indigenous jobs and training, the Australian Bankers’ Association (ABA) rejects Andrew Forrest’s Healthy Welfare Card proposal. The card was one of the review’s key recommendations and is meant to be cheaper and … Continue reading

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The root of all evil? – ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus argues that getting rid of cash will reduce crime

It may be devoted to 70’s nostalgia, but Björn Ulvaeus sees Stockholm’s ABBA The Museum as a harbinger of the future. The museum doesn’t accept cash. Since his son’s home was burgled a while ago, the former ABBA member has … Continue reading

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Libertarians and the privatisation of income management

Employers are prevented by law from subjecting workers to income management. What if they weren’t? Libertarians favour freedom of contract. They believe the government’s role is to enforce contracts not tell people what should be in them. One way governments … Continue reading

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Is the struggle for equality of opportunity over?

Equality of opportunity was one of the big themes of Gough Whitlam’s 1969 and 1972 campaigns. His 1972 policy speech promised "a new drive for equality of opportunities" through reforms to education, health and urban planning. He argued that opportunity … Continue reading

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Humiliation and the dole: a forgotten debate

A decent society is one whose institutions do not humiliate people – Avishai Margalit The Great Depression stripped many Australian workers of their dignity. For many, applying for government relief was like begging for charity. Instead of giving unemployed workers … Continue reading

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‘Learn or earn’ is the politicians’ equivalent of Stairway to Heaven

According to the Australian, the Abbott government’s first budget will include tough new "learn or earn" Measures designed to force young people off the dole and into education, training or work. "One thing the government doesn’t want to do is … Continue reading

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