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Egoism and equality

For some people, other human beings are only ever a means to an end. The source of their self-esteem is their ability to realise their own personal vision. They see themselves as powerful creators and believe ideas like empathy, altruism … Continue reading

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A neoconservative welfare state?

Nearly "every problem with the Republican Party today could be cured by a neocon revival", says David Brooks. Brooks isn’t talking about the hawkish approach to foriegn policy that urged US military involvement in the middle east, he’s talking about … Continue reading

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Economic theory for thrillseekers

There are always more books to read than time to read them. But Paul Frijters’ and Gigi Foster’s An Economic Theory of Greed, Love, Groups, and Networks is on my shortlist. Foster’s preface is personal and captivating: A longer-term cost … Continue reading

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French fries don’t make people fat, says Frijters

For decades the gun lobby has told us that guns don’t kill people. If only people would stop pointing them at themselves and each other, guns would be completely harmless. It’s not the availability of guns that’s the problem, they … Continue reading

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The structure of public problems

There are parallel conversations going on in social policy, says Matt Cowgill, "Values on one level, data another". How values and data interact is an interesting question. A decade ago, I was researching the debate over poverty. In 2003 the … Continue reading

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Twentysomethings in the workplace

"Welcome to the era of hedged bets and lowered expectations", says the cover story of Time Magazine. A poll of 18 to 29-year olds, found 65 per cent agreed that it will be harder for their group to live as … Continue reading

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Poor parents? – Andrew Leigh on poverty and the family

"For too long, progressives have been scared off issues of family structure and parenting by a fear of being misinterpreted as blaming some of the hardest-working people in society", says Andrew Leigh. But for many of today’s progressives, raising issues … Continue reading

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