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How to be a popular blogger

By now you’ve probably heard about social media and how it’s making celebrities out of mild mannered public servants and chirpy journalists who think in 140 character bursts. Maybe you’re wondering whether a witty and intelligent person like yourself could … Continue reading

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Death to the author!

If you’ve ever been quoted out of context by journalist you’ll know what it’s like to be a fictional character. As a therapist to troubled inhabitants of fictional works, I see what happens when authors abuse characters who are often … Continue reading

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Can anyone help John Galt?

I am always happy to assist readers in distress. Recently I received this letter. Dear Dr Troppo, Despite a protective screen of refractor rays, my gulch has been invaded by a small army of talking tin cans with sink plungers … Continue reading

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Ironic Cool?

Things have been a little dull over the holiday period. So dull, in fact, that I’ve been picking through my receptionist’s collection of novels. First there was that book everyone’s been chattering about recently — Ian McEwan’s Atonement. The second … Continue reading

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An unsent reply to James Farrell

The receptionist’s fingers paused over the keyboard. The heat was making it difficult to think and the din of hundreds of amorous black cicadas wasn’t helping. She wanted to show Mr Farrell how completely he’d misunderstood Ian McEwan’s novel, but … Continue reading

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Bad Acting

As usual my correspondents seem incapable of taking responsibility for their own emotions. Troppo reader Don Arthur asks: Dr Troppo, I’d like your advice on something I read in the newspaper this morning. According to Peter Hartcher subjects in a … Continue reading

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The facts and nothing but the facts

As a fictional character, I’m fascinated by people who don’t exist. There are just so many of us — fictional people, imaginary people, hypothetical people and people who will exist but don’t exist yet. But despite our non-existence, we are … Continue reading

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