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The Baconsphere

If you’ve ever wanted to make a burger with 100% pure bacon or you need a recipe for caramelized bacon then I’ve got links for you. Welcome to the baconsphere! "Bacon is totally meat candy," says bacon enthusiast Heather Lauer. … Continue reading

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Creepy fanfic

1 Every Sunday evening I take time out of my busy schedule to help readers with their problems. As this is the internet, many of my most troubled readers are sock puppets and characters from fiction. This week a character … Continue reading

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Libertarianism is for sock puppets too

1 Mr Joker is a character in a Bob Dylan song. He has contacted me because he is unhappy with the circumstances of his existence: "Can you please tell Bob to rewrite my life?" he pleads, "It sucks". No whimpering … Continue reading

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Dr Troppo Responds

1 Good evening. After another hectic Sunday experimenting on my rats and persuading undergraduates to deliver painful electric shocks to each other I checked my virtual waiting room and found it full of Troppo readers with fascinating problems. Let’s begin. … Continue reading

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Ask Dr Troppo

1 Hello. I am Dr Troppo. It has come to my attention that many of you have problems that you haven’t managed to solve by reading magazines or watching Dr Phil on TV. Well, you’re in luck. I can help … Continue reading

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