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Abbott’s hypocrisy on asylum seekers

The Coalition is engaged in further hypocrisy. 1. The Coalition (both under Howard and more recently through Morrison’s own words) has supported Nairu as an appropriate venue well before Nairu had signed the UN Convention on Refugees. 2. The current … Continue reading

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How to respond to Abbott

On all recent polls, it appears that the Coalition is still unbeatable. But Newspoll suggests that Abbott’s leadership of the Liberal party is viewed with suspicion by the electorate – for good reasons. First, Abbott has still to reveal how … Continue reading

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Gillard’s broken promise

Gillard is still the best person to lead the ALP (there is no one else). How deal with the loss of trust following her broken promise on carbon tax? This is a difficult question but it must be resolved. Abbott … Continue reading

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Economic Growth v/s distribution

In the USA (a presidential election year), there is a considerable debate on how much emphasis government policy should assign to economic growth (properly interpreted to encompass all externalities and market failures) and how much to income and welfare distribution. … Continue reading

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Politics of economic reform

Now that my days of writing and blogging are over, I am spending my time reading books. I have almost finished reading John Howard’s book on Lazarus Rising, which is easy to read and generally quite enjoyable (although at times … Continue reading

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Relationship between wages and employment

    Paul Krugman looks again at the relationship between deficit reduction, wages and employment in the USA. Yglesais says that a decline in deficit could lead to further employment expansion if it led to lower general wages (through a more flexible … Continue reading

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How welfare impacts on the poor

Attached is a post by James Kwak. It strongly rejects a comment by Caplan and Beaulier that Behavioral Economics will Undermine the welfare state by expanding the set of choices. Caplan and Beaulier believe that poor people are more inclined … Continue reading

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