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D.A.M. he’s good!

In a delightful doco, “In the Hands of the Gods”, Diego’s injunction is to “Love the ball, love the game”. I love the sentiment and its simplicity. And I love the fact that he can still say it after all … Continue reading

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Diego & the Jabulani

This is how you do it! From the Master.  Courtesy of You Tube.

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“Tactics, tactics? Aren’t they a mint?”

Australia vs Ghana: “Tactics? Tactics?…I thought they were a type of mint!”… So Ally Maclleod, manager of Scotland’s shambolic team in the 1978 World Cup, was reputed to have said. But let’s remember that that Scotand did give us Archie … Continue reading

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Pim needs more vim: not enough Guus-to

James Farrell has very kindly asked me to post my thoughts on the Australia vs Germany World Cup Finals tie to be played tomorrow morning. So far, for me, the tournament has got off to a relatively entertaining start. The … Continue reading

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Some pigs are more equal than others mate

Nicholas has   very kindly invited me to contribute to Club Troppo. This is my first post. So it’s virgin territory for me. Please be gentle. And, of course, I hope you will enjoy it”¦ I was driving to the … Continue reading

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