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If You Haven’t Got Anything Nice to Say – Sit Down Here

The art of the obit is a tricky one and potential exponents have had a field day recently what with Joh – a unique amalgam of the mayor of Porpoise Spit in Muriel’s Wedding and a dyslexic John Calvin – … Continue reading

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Road Rage

I could do with a 24 hour moratorium on Gallipoli roadworks responsibility wrangling. There’s been a road there for decades. I used it in 1990 when I went to Anzac Cove. From what I can make out, that road has … Continue reading

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Of Cabbages and Kings

I watched Denton tonight and needed a shower on conclusion. He interviewed Frederick and Mary Glucksburg. A couple who might have been a mid-ranked corporate duo anywhere in the western world really – perhaps a double -diamond Amway family or … Continue reading

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The blogosphere doesn’t seem to have picked up on a recent presser from a couple of Macquarie Uni speech scientists. Their study has apparently revealed that the Australian accent is moving away from “the stereotypical broad Australian English – a … Continue reading

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Stockholm Syndrome

I recently bought new glasses. I’ve worn contacts for years but I decided that it was high time I invested in an alternative option. OK, Yes. This feeling was not unrelated to advancing senescence. So, I bought these rimless things … Continue reading

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Voting With Your Wangdoodle

Maybe I’m a bit strange but it occurs to me that casting a vote purely on the basis of your sexuality is a pretty dumb way to exercise your democratic franchise. I share this insight because there’s a campaign underway … Continue reading

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The Politics Of Window Dressing

The ALP has played an interesting card in the FTA debate. Yesterday the Labor caucus voted overwhelmingly to support the FTA. The FTA is of course a deal or no deal affair. Either it’s accepted or it’s not. Having done … Continue reading

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