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Sifting The Sewer

Paul Watson has noted , stylishly, that a feature story in yesterday’s Oz looks, on the surface of it, to be a strange fit with the brief of the nation’s daily newspaper. That thought had also occurred to me. The … Continue reading

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Five Nights in Bangkok

One of the oddest stories to emerge from the 15th International AIDS Conference in Bangkok is that James Glassman of the American Enterprise Institute found – to his considerable shock – that the American delegation booth didn’t have a photo … Continue reading

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Penis Measurement For Fun And Profit

The SMH reveals – in a piece of shameless advertorial – that 1,000 Australian men were so sadly bereft of life-fulfillment options that they measured their penises and sent the results off to some vaguely-defined corporate entity – for marketing … Continue reading

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The Old Oxonian

I was checking out Alexander Downer’s bio the other day, as one does, and came across this: “Alexander Downer was born on 9 September 1951. He was educated at Crafers Primary School, Geelong Grammar School, Victoria; Radley College, Oxford, United … Continue reading

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The Politics Of Co-dependency

Tim Dunlop has a good post up about Brian Toohey’s piece in yesterday’s Sun-Herald. Toohey argues that much of the commentariat hand-wringing about malign shock-jock influence could be sensibly addressed by politicians simply not giving them the issue-based oxygen they … Continue reading

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Richard Neville’s Nuttiness

There’s few things less attractive than a former enfant terrible who insists on clinging relentlessly to his former persona. OK, domestics in comment boxes comes close but Richard Neville’s latest diatribe in the SMH surely plumbs the depths. In a … Continue reading

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You Know It’s Easter When…

The news is that Easter church attendance is up on previous years. To my recollection Easter church attendances have reportedly been “up” every year for about the last 30 years, yet annual attendance rates seem to steadily fall. It’s a … Continue reading

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