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The case for more secret ballots within our legislatures

This is a piece I did for Crikey I’d forgotten I’d written and hadn’t put it up here. So now I have. The article was spotted by someone who has been exposing just how much damage opening up Congressional committee … Continue reading

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Fast foodification: what is it, what’s driving it, how do we stop it?

In this discussion, Peyton Bowman and I discuss my term ‘fast-foodification’. I coined the word trying to describe modern politics. The techniques used by politicians and their professional enablers are optimised to attract votes in the same way that McDonalds and … Continue reading

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Include and compromise — don’t divide and conquer: Tendrils of Hope from Australia.

I really enjoyed this conversation with my friend Peyton Bowman which celebrates the possibility that Australia might be able to show the world how to push back against the Trumpian madness. We tried to turn Peyton’s lack of inside knowledge … Continue reading

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Why AI isn’t coming for us any time soon

As some of you may know, I am now publishing a weekly substack of articles I’ve found interesting on the net and in some cases offering some summary commentary. In an unprecedented move, the kind of once in a 1,000 … Continue reading

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Critic swallows book

The Sydney Book Review is my kind of book review. It’s online and free. Ever since I joined the blogging revolution in 2005 it’s seemed crazy to me (not to mention precious) that so many of our literary publications are … Continue reading

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How Economics Found Science …and Lost its Subject Matter

Herewith an article that was published by INET a couple of weeks ago, and Evonomics more recently. I’m republishing it here as it’s my ‘blog of record’ as it were, but also because it enables me to make notes to … Continue reading

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The ultimate sanction

  I circulated this podcast in my newsletter last week indicating that I hadn’t yet listened to it. Then I did. It was a doozy. In response to the question of what the West should actually do if Russia started … Continue reading

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