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Isolated and angry?

“Isolated and angry” an apt descriptor of Far South Sydney’s 1insular white trash? Err, no it actually refers to residents of geographical middle Sydney. Of course, The Australian‘s headline is meant to refer to cultural, rather than geographical isolation. But … Continue reading

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Terror arrests ¢â¬â a hypothetical

Suppose you’re at a rollicking pub. An obviously very-drunk man is staggering about, brandishing his car-keys. From what you can understand from his slurred speech, his intention is to shortly drive home. Do you: (a) try to gently talk him … Continue reading

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Don¢â¬â¢t execute the Bali bombers . . .

. . . instead make them listen to the latest novelty ring-tone, on endless loop I’m not sure if such an idea has yet crossed the minds of this Indonesian/American odd couple, but once you start using music in the … Continue reading

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Welcome from the Australasian Family Association

For those who don’t know anything about me, I used to be a regular solo blogger here. I’m now pleased to join the illustrious Troppo crew as an occasional (monthly) guest blogger. As a special treat for my first guest … Continue reading

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