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Gummo Trotsky is the on-line persona of Paul Bamford. Paul recently placed his intellect at risk of finally becoming productive by enrolling in a Lemonade, Lime & Bitters degree via distance education. He also plays the piano but Keith Jarrett he ain't.

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Terms of Reference Phase 1 Report (the one that’s caused most of the uproar). Submissions from Organisations and Business Submissions from Individuals The humane alternative

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One for Your Amazon Wish-List

French economist Thomas Piketty has been picking up a lot of attention in the rest of the English speaking world – well mainly the US – thanks to the publication of an English translation of his recent book Capital in … Continue reading

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Lamest April Fools’ Day joke so far today. There must be better efforts out  there. Just post ’em as you find ’em. Please. I could use a bit of ROFLMAO today. Update (9:41 EDST): I wish I’d taken a screen … Continue reading

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Sovereign Borders, not so Sovereign Nation II: a Nice Little Constitutional Conundrum

In my last post on Troppo I raised this question: …who’s actually running 1 foreign policy these days? Is it Julie Bishop, as Minister for Foreign Affairs, is it Scott Morrison as Minister for Immigration or is it some other … Continue reading

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‘…all the way up through the chain.’

Scott Morrison was on RN Breakfast on Monday 25 November, hosing down the idea that the diplomatic row with Indonesia over past spying on the Indonesian President and his wife might impede Operation Sovereign Borders. That was the day before … Continue reading

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Love, Marriage and Terror in Melbourne’s Outer Leafies

Some memories fade too slowly. I was reminded of one such memory by the TV advertisement being aired in the lead up to White Ribbon Day tomorrow (Monday 25 November). It was late morning on Friday, 20 September and I … Continue reading

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Nuanced Argument from an Unlikely Source

To defend free speech does not mean you cannot criticise how others exercise it. The very opposite, if anything. With weaker legal restrictions on, say, racist insults there should be stronger social sanctions – criticism, debate, counter-arguments. It’s called manners, … Continue reading

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