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To “fisk” and to “monckton”

Fisking is “the practice of savaging an argument and scattering the tattered remnants to the four corners of the internet (named after Robert Fisk of The Independent)” who was a victim. A verbal equivalent of the process was demonstrated last night by … Continue reading

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Early Quadrants on line

Quadrant magazine kicked off in 1956-57 as a pocket-sized quarterly. James McAuley edited the first 20 issues and these have now become collectors items. I am scanning those 20 issues and the task  is half done but work will have … Continue reading

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What happened to nuclear power?

The single thing that could possiby lower emissions in the long term is apparently off the table at present.  Assuming that it really matters to lower emissions. It is possible to be skeptical about that and still be in favour of cleaner … Continue reading

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Memory lane – debating economic reform in the 1980s

This is a page of links to pdf files of press cuttings from the mid 1980s when the debate about economic reform started to get really vigorous. Some of these are slow to load, so be patient. This is the … Continue reading

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Hayek vs Keynes, Round 2

Here it is folks, courtesy of Cafe Hayek.

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JQ discusses Zombie Economics

This is an EconTalk interview by Russ Roberts, with links to relevant readings. You can download to listen or you can read  the dialogue, which is a bit hard because you have to work out who is talking (maybe not hard … Continue reading

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The Mont Pelerin Show comes to town

Next week the Mont Pelerin Society has a General Meeting in Sydney (Australia). Speakers will address a range of topics under the general theme of The 21st Century Liberal Enlightenment.  I appreciate that there is a high level of scepticism regarding … Continue reading

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