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Terence Kealey on the economics of scientific research

Terence Kealey is the Vice-Chancellor at Buckingham University and he will be in Sydney next week for the Mont Pelerin Conference. In 1996 he published a book which has a few controversial ideas in it. I don’t recall any talk … Continue reading

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Ron Barassi, Rhodes Scholar?

Contemplating recent nominations for the Prestigious Critical Rationalist Scholar award. Terence Kealey, Barry Smith, the late Sir Donald Bradman and Ronald Dale Barassi. The criteria for the PCR Scholar are identical to the four that are  used for the Rhodes … Continue reading

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Rules for revolution and the use of force

Extracting some arguments from the critique of Marxism in the second volume of The Open Society and its Enemies. This is concerned with the Marx/Engels doctrine on the possible need for a violent revolution. Popper argued that the ambiguities of violence and … Continue reading

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Congratulations Toby Evans, whoever and wherever you are

Strange things happen when you check the links on your site. Proceeding from a nice statement of classical liberal principles to the Mont Pelerin Society we find The Winners of the 2010 Hayek Essay Contest. And the winner is…Toby Evans of … Continue reading

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Sol Encel 1925 – 2010

A late call on the passing of Sol Encel, a tireless writer and public intellectual, acknowledged as the father of  Australian sociology. He died suddenly and peacefully at home, aged 84, still engaged in a range of writing and research … Continue reading

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Sydney Uni book fair

Saturday 11 to Wed 15, 10 am to 5 in the Great Hall. My treasures: all in practically “as new” condition. Peter Medawar, Pluto’s Republic (not a missprint). $3. Review. The editor of the Age Monthly Review would not let … Continue reading

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Why was Fascism Unsuccessful in 1930s Australia?

This was the theme of a talk by Andrew Moore at the Blackheath History Forum yesterday. Blackheath is in the Blue Mountains out of Sydney and it has a lot of semi-retired academics and the like who support a thriving intellectual subculture … Continue reading

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