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Richard Tsukamasa Green is an economist. Public employment means he can't post on policy much anymore. Also found at @RHTGreen on twitter.

Reform as a macro policy lever.

Mark Crosby hrumphs about “Abenomics”. I put “Abenomics” in quotation marks because it’s not really about the current policy direction in Japan —especially since it doesn’t the monetary policy aspects which are both the most interesting, novel and experimental part … Continue reading

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Ideas that may or may not matter: Population, the home market effect and manufacturing

This is sort of in the vein of the intermittent series (1, 2), its adopted sibling and an older post on “hollowing out”. But it’s also much less thought out. Earlier today, following the announcement that Ford would shut its … Continue reading

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The banality of bullshit

Yesterday I came across a fairly innocuous story about the seafood industry on AM. It is headlined (on the website) and introduced thus. Australia’s seafood capital under pressure from imports TONY EASTLEY: Port Lincoln calls itself Australia’s seafood capital. On … Continue reading

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Tim Soutphommasane’s “Don’t Go Back To Where You Came From” : Feminism, food, federation and laboured alliteration

Tim Soutphommasane has written a defence, or more accurately, a vigourous promotion of Australian Multiculturalism. I have opinions, which, with effort, are forced into the alliterative framework in the title. Of course, by way of disclaimer, I am absurdly fond … Continue reading

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Macaulay, Acemoglu and Robinson’s Why Nations Fail

I held off reviewing Acemoglu and Robinson’s (AR) Why Nations Fail for a long time. Despite the material’s relevance to my old research interests, my love of universal history and the popularity of the book, I just couldn’t face the … Continue reading

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Filipino Restaurants: Another Data Point

Nearly two years I speculated on reasons why there are so few Filipino restaurants in Australia relative to the large number Filipino migrants. A secondary purpose was to discuss the uselessness of preference based explanations – not because they could … Continue reading

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The Kurrajong Century: More that pillared pagodas

We’ve spent a long time talking about Australia’s relation ship with our near North. The recent Asian Century White Paper succeeds the interminable early 90s debates about whether Australia was part of Asia, which succeeded the end of the White … Continue reading

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