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The Recession they had to have

Another top-notch article in the Age by Caroline Wilson looks at how the Brisbane Lions board was told in 2002 that the team was capable of four premierships in a row, but if they did try for it, there would … Continue reading

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It ain’t over till I say it is over!

The sound of one hand clapping after Freo-St Kilda farcical finish Ken has asked me to resume my post on Club Troppo, as post-modernist AFL curmudgeon in residence. Since I find blathering on about football almost irresistible, and my cat … Continue reading

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What, me blogging?

Old time Troppo readers who actually liked my stuff can get their fill at my new blog here. (Blogger is a really sound platform these days.)

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Mark Bahnish cant spell Budget

Larvatus Prodeo » Butget Orthodoxies and the Politics of Greed How much for one of those PhD’s again?

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Don’t Drink and Blog

So anyway, thanks to the generosity of Caz, the post Ken mentioned can be seen below. As it was posted in the middle of the night under the influence, I think it is crap and I deleted it first thing … Continue reading

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WordPress = a pain in my arse

So I have spent the last three hours trying to get WordPress to work on my server. It works okay, but when I did a dummy run install, it didn’t remember who had posted what, and there is a bug … Continue reading

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They didn’t have

If you think YOUR job is bad, check this site, stop whining, and get back to work.

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