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ALP recruiters target AFL…

I’ve heard of factional heavies, but this is ridiculous…

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Rest In Peace

I’m really not good at putting sorrow into words but there was something really depressing about the Sea King crash that killed nine Australian servicemen and women on the weekend. They brought the bodies back home. I’m glad the Governor … Continue reading

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South Australia- state of confusion

On North Terrace here in Adelaide there is a fine building known as Parliament House. This ornate structure is home to the most laughable legislature known to man. There are plenty worse around- Zimbabwe’s springs to mind just at the … Continue reading

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Poor Sumatra

Indonesia can’t take a trick at the moment. The Prime Minister is sending medical teams back to Sumatra; hell, they only got home this month from the last earthquake. I mean, its just terrible. Two in three months…

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RIP Trackback

I got an email from the hosting company this morning alerting me to the amount of trackback spam and they have disabled the trackback script. I’m content to leave it off. Trackbacks are nice, but they are not worth the … Continue reading

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Where do you draw the line?

The Good Professor weighs in on the Schiavo case: Well pardon a Bunyip being frank, but this business isn’t about compassion. It’s about control — control of both the individual and society’s direction. As so many advocates of slow starvation … Continue reading

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Ignorance, bliss and all that.

A case of the Dreaded Lurgi hasn’t prevented me from reading the papers, as per usual. As I was wiping snot off the monitor, I came across this article, describing the controversy about these ‘do it yourself’ DNA kits. It … Continue reading

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