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Why Lynton Crosby has ruined the London Mayoral elections

I am not a greedy man. Ever since it was announced that the London Mayoral elections would be a contest between Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson, I have had to confront the fact that I would not be that happy … Continue reading

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Hello possums: An expats view of Australia 2020

I didnt want to let the Summit pass completely without sharing a few thoughts about it from an overseas Australian. Australians at home may be sick of the saturation media coverage of the 2020 Summit, but for many overseas Aussies … Continue reading

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Hus in charge

In the furore that has broken out over Chinas crackdown in Tibet, Ive been surprised that so little has been said about President Hu Jintaos previous administration of Tibet as a rising communist party cadre. After all, it was Hus … Continue reading

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Blair was a bit of a flibbertigibbet, Iraq and future interventions

Jonathan Powell, Tony Blairs former chief of staff, has given his first interview about life inside No.10 during the Blair government. For those unfamiliar with him, Powell (pronounced Pole) was amongst the former PMs longest standing consiglieres; he was there … Continue reading

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Aussie Aussie Aussie

1 Would this man have won a popular election for Australian of the Year? Sadly, as Foundation President of the Country Music Revilers Association (despite Nicholas’s outrageous and defamatory accusation), I suspect the answer might be yes – KP Ive … Continue reading

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