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They could do with some of these in Iraq..

An amazing story was reported today, about another kidnapping crisis ending happily, and a captive rescued from cruel kidnappers: you can find it at

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Pictologs, BD blogs, and so on..

It looks like French bloggers are really blazing a trail as far as the latest blogging craze is concerned–pictologs, or BD blogs as they’re also called, which are like a kind of blend of webcomics and traditional (!!) blogging. France … Continue reading

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The Asterix complex..

That’s what a rather good piece in this week’s TIME magazine, on the French campaign re the EU constitutional vote this Sunday, called that aspect of French psychology which projects a self-image of a small, proud, gallant, quarrelsome and , … Continue reading

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A little game.. cheer us all up–or not, as the case may be! There’s this game doing the rounds in the blogosphere, which goes under the unofficial moniker of ‘Ten things I’ve never done.’ The whole point is they’re supposed to be … Continue reading

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Family squabbles about to end?

Something relevant to today’s announcement of a rapprochement betwen the Catholic and Anglican Churches on the subject of Mary, and the impression, in much of Britain, that the Anglican Church is all but dead.. An interesting Times Online article by … Continue reading

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Yet another piece on blogging

Just drawing readers’ attention to the fact there’s a longish piece, by Richard Johnstone, on the blogging phenomenon, in the May issue of Australian Book Review. You can find it here

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The search for the Aussie ‘New Yorker’ or ‘Atlantic Monthly’..

There’s a real feeling in Australian media/literary/intellectual circles that we are somehow lacking in something because we don’t have a magazine of the venerable calibre of the New Yorker or the Atlantic Monthly. That’s why every so often there’s an … Continue reading

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